Color and Style Consultation

This service is perfect for you if you want to find out what colors and/or styles works best for you. Only available in Hungary.

How it works

First, before me meet I would like to get to know you and your needs better so I will ask you to fill out a Client Questionnaire.

We will start the consultation with your Personal Color Analysis by discussing your best suited colors that complement your natural coloring. I will also suggest hair and makeup colors you can choose. After that we will discuss your body shape and you will learn how to make the most out of your good features and how to take attention away from the features you don’t like. Advice will cover tailoring, clothing styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories, as well as places to shop for your budget. You will also learn your face shape thus what hairstyles and glasses you should choose. Then as the last step we will define your personal style personality.

If you attended an Individual Consultation you will receive a personal style workbook within 7-10 days with all the advice you have been given. You will then have the confidence of knowing what your personal style is and how to choose the right clothes for yourself.

What others think about the consultations

"I highly recommend Meshy! I had no idea about my colors, neither my body type. Meshy nicely walked me through the whole process. After my consultation I received my personal Style Guide with all the information I received before. We are still in touch, I am changing slowly. I can't wait for Spring, my color season where I would be able to upgrade my whole wardrobe and hoping Meshy would help me with that too."   (Anett)

"Originally I signed up for an Online Consultation with Emese, but finally we had the chance to meet in person. The whole consultation was a really nice and friendly experience for me. After the draping session, we discussed my body type and also what styles suit me, and also received a face shape analysis as well. Now I know what colors suit me and what to avoid. Thank you!"   (Éva)

"I was the lucky winner of the Christmas Giveaway thanks to my mom which was the best thing that could happen to me. I not only learned my best suited colors, but what my body shape is and what styles should I wear. I also received great makeup tips as well. I highly recommend the experience for everyone!   (Victoria)


INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION: 45000HUF (Duration: 2-3 hours)

CONSULTATION FOR TWO: 30000HUF/person (Duration: 3 hours)

(10000HUF extra for weekend appointments)