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4 Different Styles for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Still do not know what you will be wearing on your date with the love of your life? If you are still looking or even if you made up your mind already, it might be a good idea to read on, because I am sharing some tips and tricks on how to look your best on this special occasion. So let’s have a look at these outfits a little closer.



The first outfit is very simple. The pencil skirt is a universally flattering skirt for every body type but make sure its specific details flatters your frame. The red top is a great choice for someone who has small breasts and/or narrow shoulders because the ruffles wonderfully emphasizes your upper part. It is also worth mentioning the these cool colors only look best on Winter types.



This monochrome outfit is also a good choice. The black and cream colours go perfectly together. Just make sure the top and/or the blazer is long enough to cover your butt, because I remind you, leggings are not pants! To brighten up this look, choose a nice burgundy shoulder bag and a matching lipstick or nail polish. Best colours for Bright Springs.



This outfit is my favorite. I love the heart shaped cut on the back of this dress. Because the focus point of this set is the dress, there is no need to overdo with the accessories. Choose a pair of nude pumps to complete the look. If the shade of the shoe is close to your skin colour, it elongates your legs so it might be a great choice for short girls too. The fur coat is a plus, it also keeps you warm. All you need is a coordinating envelope bag, and you are ready to head out the door.



The last look is playing on the comfy side. If you are not in the mood for dressing up, or you don’t have time to change after work, it is always a good option. Choose a dark coloured jeans with a nice, flowy top in your colour, add a statement necklace in gold, a pair of knee high boots, and a suede jacket. This colour combination is perfect for the Autumn Types.

I hope you found this post helpful. Below you can shop for similar products to recreate these outfits yourself. Feel free to share your Valentine’s Day outfits in the comments below.


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