Virtual Wardrobe Clean

This is the perfect service for you if we can’t meet in person, but you still have a wardrobe full of clothes but you feel like you have nothing to wear. Available from anywhere.

Note: Determining your natural colorings is always more accurate when it is done in person but if it is not possible for us to meet, I will be more than happy to help you out online.

We will visit set up a Skype or FaceTime call and we will assess your current wardrobe and create complete looks personalized for your lifestyle online!

Step 1: Client Questionnaire

Before our consultation, I will ask you to fill out your Client Questionnaire form online.

Step 2: Style Consultation

We will start by going through your Personal Color Analysis discussing your best colors, then a Body Shape Analysis and finally determine you face shape. I will also suggest hair and makeup colors you can choose.

Step 3: Closet Clean

In this section we will go through your closet and each pieces of clothing and accessories. I highlight pieces that work best because of their shape, texture, or color, then we will create complete outfits for work, social occasions, or both and finally make pictures of the outfits for you to future reference. 

Step 4: Shopping List

Finally we will determine and note any wardrobe gaps by making a shopping list of missing key pieces.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Price: 45000HUF / $160